What is the cost of Project 90?

The program costs $75 and includes training videos and literature, weekly training plans, support from the Project 90 team, coupons specialized for Project 90 participants, access to Project 90 private Facebook community, and Project 90 swag box.

When is the Project 90 program offered?

Project 90 is offered year round. Anyone can register at any time. 

When does the program start?

Anyone can register at any time. The first email will be sent the day after registration. Weekly training plans for the next 7 days will be sent out every week. 

I am needing new running shoes. What do you recommend? 

We recommend that participants visit their nearest Gearhead, Rock/Creek, or Uncle Dan's location to be fitted for a running shoe specific to their feet. 

What does a shoe fitting entail?

A free shoe fitting includes a gait analysis and measurements of foot and arch length. These measurements will help determine the type of shoe that participants should wear. 

Where is my nearest location? 

You can find your nearest location on the respected site.

Gearhead Outfitters– 10 locations across Arkansas, Louisiana, Missouri, and Oklahoma

Rock/Creek Outfitters– 6 locations across Tennessee

Uncle Dan's Outfitters– 5 locations  across Illinois and 1 in Wisconsin 

Which level should I choose? 

Descriptions of the levels can be found on our home page. If you are unsure of which level to choose, please email project90@gearheadoutfitters.com

I have a few questions. How can I contact the Project 90 team? 

You may comment below any lesson with any questions. If you would like to contact the Project 90 team individually, you can email project90@gearheadoutfitters.com

What is the private Project 90 Facebook group?

We have created a private Project 90 Facebook group for all past and current participants to chat and communicate with each other. 

I got behind on some of the training plans. What do I do?

Training plans will still be sent every 7 days, but you can pause and pick up from where you left off at any time.


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