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Ted Herget is the founder and owner of outdoor specialty retailer, Gearhead Outfitters. He is passionate about living and promoting a healthy lifestyle. He was taught proper running form in his early 20’s by world champion ironman, Tim Deboom, who happens to be his best friend. Since then, Ted is willing to share his knowledge with anyone who will listen, initiating the dream of Project 90. He along with his wife and co-workers developed this program to help others learn, in the least complicated way, proper ways to run for life. Ted has competed in 40+ marathons, ultra-marathons (including two 100 mile races), LeadMan series, triathlons (10+Ironman distance), and bike races.

With her teaching background in mind, Amanda Herget followed in Ted's footsteps and began spreading the word about proper form, the run/walk method and much more. Since then, she has lead Women Can Run, a local running Clinic, co-chaired for Race for the Cure of Northeast Arkansas and, still to this day, works with customers in the store outfitting them in the perfect running shoe and attire– all backed by her 10+ years of running experience. 



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