What is Project 90?

Project 90 is a 90-day online running program powered by Gearhead Outfitters. This program is for everyone from new runners to advanced marathoners. It is designed to teach you proper running form in order to reduce or eliminate potential injuries.



Participants who have not run before or currently use the run/walk method. The goal of this group is run for 30 minutes without stopping for walk breaks.


Participants who can run 30 minutes at a time without walk breaks 3-5 days a week. Participants are interested in improving endurance and increasing distance. Participants will have the option to include walk breaks in their training as we increase distance.


Participants who have been running more than one year and are running 4-6 days a week. Participants are interested in improving endurance and increasing distance. 


To learn proper form, breathing techniques, nutrition and hydration tips, proper shoe fitting, and much more with the support of experienced athletes who will coach you along the way. 

For 13 weeks, we will focus on different aspects of running and training including hydration, nutrition, heart rate training, injury prevention and more. Each week, you will receive your personalized training plan for the next seven days. In addition to your training plan, you will receive information on the weekly focus supported by videos, articles and guest writers. 

The program is now offered year round. You can register at any time and your 13 weeks will start immediately. You will receive your first email the day after you register. Weekly training plans will be sent out every week via email for the duration of the program. 


  • Training videos and literature from the Project 90 team
  • Weekly training plans 
  • Support of the Project 90 team
  • Coupons specialized for Project 90 participants
  • Lifetime access to Project 90 private Facebook community
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